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Themed as “66 Chinese brands expanding into international markets”, a large international promotion campaign for Chinese brands was initiated on New York’s Times Square, on October 1st and 2nd, 2015, which marks the 66th birthday of the People’s Republic of China and right after the President Xi’s visit to the United States.


Haitian International was invited and joined this event, together with other 65 companies, all of which are the leading players in their respective fields and has certain influence in the international market.

Bilingual promotional films of 66 Chinese brands were displayed on large screens overlooking the New York’s Times Square. Together with other renowned Chinese companies, including Huawei, GREE, FOTILE etc., Haitian demonstrated its power and confidence as a Chinese brand. It also indicates that China targets for not only a major manufacturing power, but also toward increasing awareness of brand marketing.

As a world leading manufacturer of injection molding machines, Haitian International has been dedicated to the responsibility of revitalizing the national industry. The growth and development of Haitian in recent years also indicates development of the national strength of China. It is great honor for Haitian to be invited and to participate in this program as a representative for China’s machinery industry, as it provides an excellent opportunity to further improve its international influence. Haitian International is determined to further explore the international market and strengthen its leadership in the market through serving its worldwide customers.