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Successful implementation of proven strategies – Innovation through “Technology to the Point”

At Chinaplas 2018, Haitian International presents the latest version from the very successful bestsellers by further enhancing the successful strategies “Technology to the point” +++ Zhafir JE Series makes its premier at Chinaplas +++ The new Zeres Series +++ High performance edition of Haitian’s bestseller machine all available on our booth 5.1J61

 Chinaplas 2018, Haitian International demonstrated its most recent development in enhancing the proven strategy of “Technology to the point”. By presenting the Zhafir Jenius series first time on Chinaplas as the smart modularity approach and latest technologies from both Haitian and Zhafir brands, Haitian International continues to provide the maximum flexibility to the customers by focusing on not only the extraordinarily good price-performance ratio but also on “best quality” of the product.

Zhafir Jenius Series: smart modularity for technology to the point

Zhafir JE series, which is a perfect combination of the electric drive technology and the two-platen servo hydraulic system, represents Haitian International’s approach of smart modularity for technology to the point. With the innovative modularity concept in mind, the fully electric solution and the servo drive system is thus combined with servo hydraulic two platen technology in a highly efficient way at the JE series, while their respective benefits are even enhanced.

With respect to the production performance, the JE series combines all the advantages from a fully electric injection units, i.e. high precision, high speed, highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly features. Meanwhile, it also shares the benefits from the two-platen servo hydraulic clamping unit, for instance, high precision for clamping, small footprint, bigger space for large molds and others.

The optimal integration of necessary technical and application experience from both aspects ensures the outstanding technical performance of Zhafir JE series and further additionally enables Zhafir to enter the large machine sectors. The Zhafir JE series is currently planned to be available from 4500 until 33,000 kN, which can satisfy the customers who need to operate big molds yet have high requirement for the precision of the parts. As to the industries which may have high quality requirement, the JE Series can create better economic benefits for the customers with its high cost effectiveness.

On this Chinaplas 2018, Zhafir Plastics Machinery ran a JE6500/3350 to manufacture the automotive lamp frame. The part was made of PC with part weight of 170g and cycle time of 7 seconds.

Haitian Mars IIS high performance edition: The latest high-performance edition of the servo-hydraulic bestseller

Haitian Mars Series has been on the market for over 10 years and has created a legendary record in the industry. Until 2017, the accumulative sales of Mars have exceeded 200,000 units worldwide, which consolidates its position as world’s best-selling injection molding machine so far. Only in 2017, a record more than 30.000 machines of the Mars series have been delivered to customers worldwide.

The high-performance edition of the latest Mars series represents an overall upgrade of the 2nd generation of Haitian Mars series, with an outstanding performance which is featured by a highly efficient injection unit, high precision control system, and highly responsive drive system, and a clamping unit with long service life, which altogether ensures the stability and high efficiency of the production.

At Chinaplas 2018, a MA3600IIS/1250h will be on display to show the production of milk tea cup with IML, in 8 cavities. The cup is made of PP and produced with a cycle time of about 8 seconds.

“Go Factory” as “Smart Solution to the point”

On this Chinaplas, there will be a display zone for the “Smart solution to the point” presented by Haitian Smart Solution, which includes the “Go Factory” system and the Integrated Materials Supply System.

“Go Factory” is an information management system developed by Haitian Smart Solution to facilitate the connection of injection molding machines and on-time monitor over the production process. It provides an information solution for most of the customers with low investment, short implementation time and integration for standard machines.