April 2020, Ebermannsdorf – Haitian International Germany shows responsibility for its 100 employees at the Ebermannsdorf site. In doing so, we make use of the experience advantage of the headquarter in Ningbo, China, and closely follow the orders of the German government for social distance and disinfection. Despite physical separation, the team spirit is strong. Plastics processors in Germany and Europe receive support through various campaigns at several levels.

People and economies around the world are threatened by the Covid 19 pandemic. Haitian International protects its employees at the Ebermannsdorf site in Germany through health protection measures and individual rules of conduct.

In regard to the experience gained in China, the company management implemented concrete preventive measures such as disinfectant dispensers in all areas of the company at a very early stage. And like all Haitian subsidiaries, the 100-strong workforce in Ebermannsdorf also receives active backing and support from the headquarters – morally, technically and economically.

Teams in the warehouse, assembly and application center have been reduced to a minimum of personnel and equipped with protective masks. Employees in service, sales and administration work mainly in the home office. Teamwork now works via Skype Meetings, customer service and coordination with system partners also works very well via the Internet.

The staff is 100% behind the targets, the team spirit is stronger than ever. Although, or perhaps because, the employees have to keep their distance from each other. Above all, the strictest hygiene regulations apply in all areas, both in the company and at home. Hygiene and protective masks are mandatory, health comes before turnover.

“We will get through this together, no matter how long it takes” says Xiang Linfa, General Manager at HTIG. “The corona pandemic is a very serious challenge and it will demand a lot from us. It is clear that health and safety have absolute priority, and this includes that we continue to be a reliable partner for our business partners, that we perform our services and are there for you with the usual service. All employees in contact with customers will remain available and in communication with each other since the internet offers all kinds of possibilities.”