Exhibits at K 2016

At the K 2016 Trade Fair, Haitian International will present highly efficient solutions for achieving the perfect balance between productivity and flexibility at best costs under its strategy of “Technology to the Point”.


The total of four exhibits by Haitian International (two machines each from the Haitian and Zhafir brands) represent typical examples of the specific technological advantages of their models.


Venus II Series
European premiere for the all-electric packaging version “p”

Zhafir presents a further leading type of the successful Venus II Series – the  fastest-growing electric machine series of the past eight years – in the all- electric packaging variant called Venus “p”. The p series also stands out for its outstanding performance and broad application. Electric solutions offered by Zhafir continue to gain ground as the business figures as of December 31, 2015 show. In the small tonnages the sales share of the electric Zhafir machines rose from 11.1% to 14.8%. For 2016, the continued rise in the sales figures for the half-yearly account again demonstrates the strengthening of this trend.

Zhafir celebrating its 10-year anniversary recently has been making greater impact on the market for electric injection-molding machines than almost any other manufacturer. This is substantiated not just by the dynamic sales growth and the fast-increasing inquiries that Haitian International’s sales teams receive around the globe. With clamping force sizes of 400 to 10,800 kN and specifically modified performance versions such as the “Venus p”, “Venus h”, and “Venus hs”, Zhafir already offers by far the most extensive portfolio of fully electric machines.
High quantities and a tremendous depth in production within the Haitian Group guarantee a first-class price-performance ratio in future as well.

Venus “p” Highlights

  • The packaging version of the already established, all-electric Zhafir Venus II Series has been specially adapted to these product groups, with, for example, a square-shaped platen to give more room and a modified machine bed for greater stability with heavy multi-cavity molds.
  • Also, a special ball screw on the injection side prevents overheating with short cycles. Equipped with an L/D 25:1 plasticizing unit and injection speeds of up to 500 mm/s, the fully electric design principle offers per se the best conditions for dynamic and highly accurate processes.
  • The new VEII/p shows its strength especially in the applications over 4 seconds, which still constitutes 70% of the packaging market.

The p version of the Venus is available in clamping forces from 1,500 up to 4,500 kN. The full range of the Venus II Series covers from 400 up to 6,500 kN.

Live Application

At the K 2016, a VEII3000/1700p machine produces an IML cup integrated into an automated cell by Sepro Robotique and Pages.


The comprehensive upgrade of the Venus II Series on it’s way to the third generation of this Zhafir machine technology, initially will be available in clamping forces of 400 to 3,600 kN. The essential new features include:

  • Completely new structuring of the injection unit for more dynamic and precision
  • Innovative lightweight construction dosing unit
  • Optimized design for machine bed and security door
  • Modular design for the electrics and improved hardware for electronic components

Furthermore the portfolio of electric solutions will be continuously expanded, specifically in the smaller clamping force categories.


Zeres Series
Electric all-round performer with integrated servo-hydraulics

With the electric Zhafir – Zeres – Haitian International has expanded the previous diversity of the electric range to include new possibilities. The tremendously flexible machine, which has the base technology of the Venus Series and integrated servo-hydraulics, e.g. for core pull applications, offers processors a demand-driven solution at the highest level.


  • In many respects structurally identical to the Venus II Series, the Zeres offers all the advantages of electric injection-molding technology: precision, energy efficiency, independent parallel movements throughout the entire cycle, and not least of all, ease of maintenance.
  • Servo-electric drives for injection, dosing, and mold movements ensure strong dynamics. Integrated servo-hydraulics for minor axes means that the Zeres can also be used for applications with core pulling or standard precision parts.
  • A servo-hydraulic pump supplies the peripheral movements such as core pull, ejector, and nozzle unit. The hydraulics is adapted with precision to the performance requirements of the minor axes and thus guarantees high energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Control of pressure and flow is optimal.  In this way, the Zeres gives the processor not only the wide electric range of applications but at the same time also more production efficiency because of energy savings in the double-digit percentage range.

Currently, the Zeres Series is available in clamping forces from 400 to 6,500 kN.

Live Application

At the K Fair, a ZE3000 machine produces a cosmetic sealing cap removed with a Hilectro XTB 900.


As a result of Haitian International’s portfolio strategy of modularization, the base technologies of the electric series will in the future be combinable with servo-hydraulic core components. In order to do so, the range of clamping categories of the Zeres Series will be expanded up to 14,000 kN. Because of the high quantities, Zhafir is also able to offer electric machines in larger clamping force categories with an attractive price-performance ratio. In the future, the Zeres will be an interesting alternative, particularly for the growing number of large-size precision parts with complicated removal techniques and with insert molding too.


Jupiter II Series
Two-platen technology with a “Plus”

The technologically matured Jupiter II Series convinces not only with rapid, smooth mold movements and its highly economical energy consumption. The latest upgrade to the Jupiter – called “Plus” – has brought significant additional improvements.

Market data

The energy-saving approach afforded by two-platen technology has been ongoing considerable successes ever since its introduction to the market in 2013 and continues to gain ground. By December 31, 2015 the sales share in the medium and large tonnages had risen from 19.5% to 28.5% and yielded increased sales of 40 % in comparison with the previous year. For 2016, the 24.4% rise in the Jupiter sales figures in the half-yearly account again demonstrates the strengthening of this trend.


  • Because of its compact design, the Jupiter II Series is unbelievably space-saving and in addition runs very quietly. The new, decentralized clamping system produces even more dynamics in terms of clamping and achieves significantly shorter dry-cycle times. Various components have been redesigned, replaced, or optimized for this.
  • Less wear is guaranteed by the contactless digital position sensor for rapid reaction times using CAN-bus communication and maximum positional accuracy (± 0.05 %).
  • The high-performance KEBA control (1.4 GHz CPU) comes with EtherNet (Ebug, EasyNet, OPC) and EtherCat and can be quickly and easily configured by the machine operator using an operator-friendly 15-inch LCD Touch-Screen with double-page color view.

The Jupiter II Series is available in clamping forces of 4,500 to 66,000 kN (upon request up to 88,000 kN). Energy-saving Mars drive technology comes as standard.

Live application

At the K 2016, a JU10000/8400plus machine produces an engine cover using the MuCell process.


As a result of Haitian International’s portfolio strategy of modularization, the established base technologies of the servo-hydraulic two-platen version and the electric series will in the future be combinable with each other in modules.


Mars II Series
The servo-hydraulic best-seller and engine of growth

The Haitian Mars Series has been on the market for just about 10 years and continues to be the top of the line in hydraulic injection-molding technology – the world’s best-selling injection-molding machine. Since its market launch in 2007, more than 150,000 units of the Mars Series have been delivered and the Mars continues to have a sales share of approximately 70%. It is now impossible to imagine the industry without servo-hydraulic drives.


  • The patented drive system – included as standard equipment on all Mars and Jupiter machines – is a completely newly developed independent and constantly optimized system. The direct link between servomotor and gear pump ensures precise regulation of speed and extremely fast reaction times throughout the entire cycle.
  • A converter that is compatible with the drive ensures optimal efficiency and repeatability, while the high-efficient gear pump guarantees stable machine drive and low energy consumption.

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