Due to the dynamic development of the digital economy and the overall promotion of digital transformation in China, Haitian and Huawei Technologies Co. have launched a strategic cooperation. The cooperation aims to improve enterprise management through digital transformation and build a solid foundation for achieving sustainable development goals.

Back in January, Haitian declared 2021 as the kick-off of its 14th Five-Year Plan, and declared internal digitalization as one of the key strategic directions for the future development of the entire company. Mr. Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian Group, said, “We will introduce some effective measures, from strategic planning to supply chain management, to significantly improve in almost all business processes and achieve the targeted increase in our efficiency. This relates to process quality and synergies, the shift to digital productivity, and last but not least, cost reductions and improved support for our customers.”

Huawei, one of the leading companies for digital platforms and cloud systems under the sign of Artificial Intelligence, has profound experience in digital transformation and will support Haitian in the strategic planning of its digitalization campaign. Mr. Zhang Jianming said, “We think the cooperation between our companies will help find the best approach and best practices for the development of machinery manufacturing in terms of digitalization.”


Liu Wen’an, Huawei Chief Expert, introduced the project implementation plan

Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian Group

On the occasion of the project launch, key leaders from Haitian, Huawei and Zhejiang Ningbo Government participated in this forward-looking meeting. Mr. Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian Group, Mr. Zhan Jianfeng, Deputy CEO of Haitian Group and CEO of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group, Mr. Zhang Bin, Deputy CEO of Haitian Group. The Huawei China Enterprise Consulting Co. Ltd was represented by Mr. Galen Li, Director, Mr. Zheng Li, Director of Supply Chain Business Unit, Dr. Wenan Liu, Chief Consultant, Mr. Maolin Liu, Consultant Director and from Zhejiang Ningbo Governement & Enterprise Business Dept. we welcomed Mr. Alko Zhu, Account Manager.

After the official part, Dr. Liu Wenan presented the implementation plan of the cooperation project to all employees. Mr. Zhang Jianming emphasized in his speech that digital transformation requires the active participation of all employees, and that cooperation between all departments will help internalize digital operations and realize the desired production reform in every area. “In this way, Haitian will succeed in forming a digital productivity that owns the future.”

Li Zheng, Director of Huawei conducted project training