Haitian International Germany responds to pandemic-related supply disruptions +++ European central warehouse massively expanded +++ Wide range of injection molding machines and automation solutions for key industrial applications available locally


Material shortages, supply bottlenecks, resilience – since Corona has affected large parts of the world economy and caused global flows of goods to falter or even break off, many companies have been confronted with incalculable disruptive factors. Nobody can afford interruptions in the production process and deadline pressure or delays anyway. Haitian International Germany counters the risk factor of time with a “greatly increased stock of machines and spare parts”; injection molding machines in the 3-digit range for a wide variety of applications are ready for shipment.

The symphony of globally concerted logistics companies is out of sync, the previously prevailing practice of efficient “just in time” procurement has been severely disrupted. Especially when products and raw materials from the Far East play an important role in the supply chain. Right in the middle is China, as the engine of global production. The otherwise well-oiled gears of the closely interlocked industries and suppliers are latently threatened by – sometimes serious – interruptions. Delivery delays, downtime, and order losses can be the consequences.

“Many internationally networked German companies are facing a mountain of orders that they cannot process due to a lack of materials,” states Peter Adrian, President of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as recently as the beginning of 2022. And, “Unfortunately, there is still no relief in sight for the problems in the supply chain.” Yet the spectrum of disruptive factors is as diverse as it is far-reaching, from sudden shutdowns of entire industrial regions to momentous natural disasters (seaquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption) to blatant incidents on major traffic arteries, e.g., the closure of the Suez Canal in March 2021.

Stock machines at Haitian International Germany


Haitian International has been able to break away, at least to some extent, from vagaries and disruptive factors of this magnitude by building global networks for production, assembly and distribution. For example, with the stock machine and spare parts warehouse in Ebermannsdorf, Bavaria, as its European headquarters. “The most extensive warehouse to date in the triple-digit range,” as Sales Manager Niels Herz points out. “Currently, injection molding machines of the 3rd technology generation with clamping forces of 400 – 10,800 kN are available and can be delivered at short notice, including commissioning and free training program.” The selection includes the servo-hydraulic Haitian “Mars” and “Jupiter” series and the electric Zhafir “Zeres” series, so that a very wide range of high-tech, standard or consumer articles and different quality requirements in industrial plastics processing can be covered. Technically matched linear robots of the Hilectro brand are also in stock, and complete production cells can be realized at short notice.

Image: The servo-hydraulic Haitian Mars Series in stock at the site in Ebermannsdorf, Germany.